How To Teach Children To Learn How To Read?

It gives a nostalgic feeling to when you were young – during your childhood days. When all that matters was when you could play with your friends and which toy are you going to play with today? It also reflected back the struggles you faced when for the first time – you learned how to read.

The Early Achievers CSR Workshop which focused on How To Teach Children To Learn How To Read?, was held at the Achievers Platform at Worldwide Business Park for parents, teachers and care-takers of young ones.


Participants of the Early Achievers CSR Workshop eagerly awaiting the speaker.

The goal of the workshop was to bring awareness to those dealing with young ones on the different reading methods. It gets them to understand the new techniques and not to force upon the older reading techniques alone. This is no longer applicable or relevant for the younger generation.

It also gives an understanding from the child’s point-of-view on the difficulties they face during the process of reading as well as what interest them best to continue reading. It shares about the different characteristics that a child possesses which is well explained through some very interesting and mind-blowing practical activities. It gives people the chance to be in the child’s shoes and what it feels like to be them.


Florencia, owner of Early Achievers, explains how to apply the new reading methods to teachers.

Florencia, the proud owner of Early Achievers and the writer of the ‘Mum, I Can Now Read!’ books was highly enthusiastic to share her experiences in teaching kids and how they will learn how to read. To her, reading is important not only because one can get to know a language better but more importantly to acquire knowledge.

“Some of the stories in ‘Mum, I Can Now Read!’ not only help kids in their path towards learning how to read, but it also plants a seed in the child to start thinking.”

Thinking skills is something we all want our kids to develop and Early Achievers does that best through their various collections of stories and workbooks.


Participants of workshop with the ‘Mum, I Can Now Read’ books.

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