Firstly, speak to the child using simple words or by showing pictures or using simple sentences. (this depends on the child’s age as well)

Gradually, let the child repeat these words or sentences.

This will help the child to start having conversation in English.

Secondly, read short stories.

For beginners, you may start with short and simple to understand stories.

Keep reading these stories a few times. The more the child keeps hearing these words, the more words they begin to understand.

There are no shortcuts in teaching children to read.

The ability to understand the language is important. Parents and Educator must focus on this aspect as well.

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Have you wandered how babies learn?

Firstly, when a baby is born, the baby only listens.

Even though babies can’t speak, as they grow older they understand or rather sense what we are saying. In other words, it is the ‘natural instinct’ for babies to ‘figure out’ the meaning of the words heard.

That is how babies or toddler understand the meaning of simple words like “come here”, “don’t go there” and “eat this” so on.

When learning to read, listening skills are very important.

Listening skills will help to develop the child’s ability to understand the language.

Once children understand the language, reading is then very easy.

They then learn to make sounds and gradually they would try to repeat the words they have heard before. With this they learn to speak.

Thereafter, they can recognize pictures, letters in an alphabets or words.

In other words, a child’s natural learning sequence are as follows :-

Listen (then) Speak (then) Read.

In learning to read, this sequence is equally important.

The Best Approach In Reading

The best approach in teaching children how to read is by combining both the Phonics and Look & Read method.

In ‘Mom, I Can Now Read’ program, both Phonics and Look & Read method is used to teach children how to read words. However, words alone do not make any sense. Hence, to make reading interesting and easy, these words are used in Stories & Rhymes.

As children gradually learn to read, the speed at which they read is important. Reading fast will help children to understand what they are reading. To help children read fast, Word Recognition and Rapid Read activities are gradually introduced.

Phonics does play an important role in learning to read. However, to get better results, it is best to combine with other methods.