What is the big deal about the Look and Read Method or the traditional method ?

This is a very conventional method in fact many of us have learned to read using this method. With this method , the teacher reads out and the child will repeat after her.

This method is effective because when children read a text generally they understand the message in the text. Unlike learning to read words as reading words alone do not make any sense.

However there are minor drawbacks in using the traditional method.

Firstly it takes a long time to learn. Only limited words are taught to the child at a time. The text or the passage must have a continuation and the same words will have to be repeated. Secondly some children find it very hard to follow this method. Thirdly this method can be boring because the story lacks mystery or suspense . As the text gets longer and longer children may lose focus on the new words that is being introduced.

However this method of teaching is still nevertheless the best methods if the parents and Educators know when to use it and how to use it.

What is the big deal about PHONICS?

Teaching children how to read can be challenging. These days many pre-schools and schools are using “phonics” method to help children learn to read.

Phonics helps children to recognize certain words easily and this can help them to read independently.

However NOT ALL WORDS can be read using the phonics method. Only common and regular words can be read using the Phonics method. The disadvantage here is children will find it confusing when they read irregular words like “busy”, “one” and “you”.

Further when children depend on Phonics they will begin to decode (breaking up the letter before reading) the words. Example to read the word good . This can cause slow reading. Slow reading can cause lack of comprehension.

Alternative to the Phonics method, is the Look & Read method (where the teacher says the word and the child will repeat after her).