How to encourage READING HABIT?

How to Encourage Reading?

Now that you know why some kids don’t like to read Here are some ways to turn a young reader’s reluctance in reading into enthusiasm:

ü Habit & Time

Do not expect your child to like reading instantly. It takes time to form a habit in reading. Start with 5 minutes of reading time then gradually increase to 10min and more.


ü Interact about the article read

This will help the child to formulate question while reading. This will help the child to stay focus on the subject and minimize distraction and prevent the child’s mind from wandering.

As for babies and toddler they will not be able to interact. Nevertheless reading to babies and toddler will definitely develop a positive attitude and habit in reading.


ü Get interesting Reading book

When introducing children to the world of book , scout for book that your child will be interested in. If your child likes cars get books that have write-ups about cars. As you gradually move on also introduce book with stories that has humour and mystery.

For early readers start reading stories with humour. This will make the educator and the child appreciate the humour. To give you an example

This story can be found in the Mum, I can now read programme. It is simple to understand , allows the teacher to interact with the child and explain that the clown could not find his horn. merely because the clown could not see the horn which was left on his head. You can also interact and explain that our eyes has limited visibility.

Stories such as these are important for early readers because unconsciously it gives children pleasure in reading and develops their curiosity in wanting to learn more.


As your child gets deeper into reading introduce books written by great and famous writers. This will help your child to look forward in getting books written by their favorite writer or books with interesting titles.


There are three types of reading material :-

a) Reading for pleasure ;
b) Reading to attain knowledge ;
c) Reading for motivation and self-development purposes.

These three areas of reading should be introduced to every child. This will help them to know and learn how to choose reading material of their choice in the future.


ü Library or bookstore

Take your children to the library or bookstore regularly.


ü Bed time stories

Bed time stories are the best. It is best to start this habit in babies. In fact it can become a routine to read before going to bed. .

ü Limit television time and increase reading time.

ü Reading together

Children like to follow what adults do. Reading together helps bonding with your child.

ü Let them Read:

This will help beginners in reading. When you have read a book a few times, you can then ask your child to read a simple part of the text. This helps in giving the child a sense of importance in being able to read for you .