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Dear Parents / Educators

 Welcome to our site,

Teaching children how to read can be challenging. Firstly most parents do not know where to begin and what are the right tools and materials needed to start teaching.

Our website is dedicated to provide Parents / Educator with teaching guidelines and awareness in the world of reading. We also help Parents / Educators to find the right material/s and start teaching children in a logical manner.

Mum I can Now Read ! is a day to day programme that will help your child to learn how to read. Our emphasis is not just on Phonics as not all words can be read using the phonics method. We use 5 methods in helping your child learn how to read in a logical manner.

It is important to have a proper structure in teaching children. We also place a lot of importance that children learn better and easily with lots of fun to do activities and games. For this reason the Mum I can now read programme has lots of fun to do activities.

Our Concern

We are also concerned about many children merely reading when asked to read and they are generally not keen in reading on their own. Children should enjoy reading. There are two aspects in reading which every child must learn to appreciate and form a habit in reading. It’s our aim to ensure that as children learn how to read , they ought to develop an interest to keep on reading.

In this blog our aim is to help and guide parents and educator the right way in teaching children to learn how to read and learn how to cultivate an interest in reading.